Ocean container shipping

Ocean container shipping is a modern, most efficient form of transportation used both in domestic and international communications.

Container shipments are performed by different types of land and water transport. Any goods can be transported in the containers accepted for carriage by the appropriate rules.

Container transportation can significantly reduce transport costs and time of delivery.

This type of cargo transportation has a number of positive features that make this type of delivery very popular. The unified container standard enables using containers for transportation on all types of vehicles: marine, rail, and truck. In this case, there is no need to transship the goods; all loading/unloading operations are carried out with the container itself. Thus, door-to-door delivery is done that ensures full safety of the cargo. The effective use of every cubic meter of space as well as the availability of containers of different sizes allows for combining loads to maximize savings on cargo delivery.

Among our partners are the largest ocean carriers MAERSK, SINOKOR, KMTC, SASCO, RUSAM, APL and FESCO which own container depots consisting of thousands of containers and offer services of various transportation lines; this allows our company to provide customers with smooth delivery and transshipment in the ports to change transport.