Customs Services

The FIBDEL Company provides a full range of customs clearance services.

The services provided include the following:

  • Consultations in the field of customs legislation;
  • Selection of TN VED code, calculation of customs fees;
  • Submission of documents to the customs authorities and control of customs clearance;
  • Contract owner services. You are freed of the necessity to apply to the customs authorities, make payments of the goods in a foreign currency, enter into a foreign exchange contract, register as a participant in economic activity;
  • When necessary, we can extend assistance in obtaining licensing documents (certificate, declaration of conformity and other).

Further forwarding of the goods across Russia and CIS by truck, air, rail and sea transport.

Our experts will calculate customs fees for each commodity in the shortest time.

The following initial documents for calculation of customs fees are the following:

  • Invoice: an internationally used document presented to the buyer by the seller and containing a list of the goods, quantity and price for which the goods will be delivered to the buyer, formal properties of the goods (color, weight, etc.), terms of delivery and information of the sender and the consignee. Invoice issuance indicates that (save for the occasions when delivery is made against advance payment) the buyer shall be under the obligation to pay for the goods in accordance with these terms.

There is no similar document in the Russian commercial practice. The bill is a document used exclusively for tax purposes and therefore it may not be deemed as analogous to the invoice. In this connection, invoice is usually used in Russia for international deliveries. To some extent, invoice corresponds to the "bill for payment" used in Russia.

An invoice should be in Russian or translated into Russian.

  • Packing list: it is required to specify details of the quantity, packing, measurement and to confirm net and gross weight for each item (in Russian or translated into Russian).

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